In this lesson we have learnt about second life. Second life users are called to be residents and they can communicate with each other with avatars.  Residents can discover the world: grid, meet other residents, socialize, take part in activities, and have and trade real possessions and services with one another. By using second life in language teaching we can make our activities more enjoyable and useful. With second life our students can learn English online as if they are in real life. It is a great way of learning and teaching English.




In this lesson we have learnt about Weebly. With Weebly we can create our own web sites. With this website we can share our teaching materials with our students. We can share pictures, texts, and columns in this site.  We can also share videos or presentations . Therefore, it is possible for us to share many useful language learning activities with our students. Or we can also make our students design their own web sites. With this way our students can take their responsibility for their learning. They can enjoy and learn English with Weebly. 


Today we have learnt podcasts. We can listen and make our students listen podcasts with different subjects appealing to us . We can download and  load them on our iPods or personal music players, and listen them during the day. When we make our own podcasts we can communicate our ideas and messages easily. And with this way our students can improve their listening skills in English. They can also improve their pronunciation and vocabulary knowledge. We can also explain some grammar points or give daily language examples with the help of the podcasts. Or we can make our students make their own podcasts as homework to explain and learn some grammar points, vocabularies, etc. In conclusion I can say that podcasts are very powerful and easy way of explaining our subjects and they are also very useful for our students to improve their English.


Today we have learnt about digital story telling. We have learnt “storynory”. There are many useful audio stories in it for our students to read and learn English. We also learn “learningenglishkids.britishcouncil”. With this site  we can also make our students learn English with many games, activities, and special techniques. There are many materials available I this site to make our students learn English.

Lastly, we learn “dfilmoviemaker”. With this programme we can make our students create their own stories online by using a computer. It is very funny and effective way of learning.


Today firstly, we have learnt about wiziq. Wiziq is an online learning platform. With it we can create online classroom environments. In these environments when we give our students lessons they can ask us questions, too. And we can give answer to their questions. Also, we can give our students online tests, tutorials, and recorded classes. By using wiziq we can also gather educators and students from all around the world as an social networking.


Secondly, we have learnt about google hangouts . Google Hangouts is an instant messaging and video chat platform. Two or more users can have conversations together with google hangouts. With google hang outs up to 10 users can have a group video chat at he same time. You can also send messages with it.

We can use these two sites in our lessons with our students by creating online lessons with our students Also our students can have a change to watch our lessons which are recorded on these sites  again and again when they want to watch. They are enjoyable and very informative for our students.

I am a student in Faculty of Education  Department of Foreign Language Teaching  English Language Teaching Department  in Abant İzzet Baysal University. My favourite activity is reading a book. I love listening to music , watching movies, and going out with my friends. My experiences are: I was a student in Bolu Anatolian High School and now I am a student teacher in Bolu Atatürk Anatolian High school and also I give special English lessons.





Today we have learnt  Prezi. It is a web-based presentation and storytelling tool that uses single canvas instead of traditional slides. You can put into it text, images, videos and other presentation objects. The canvas allows you to create a presentation that allows you to zoom in and out of a visual map. Prezi helps us to create digital presentations for assignments and assessments . It allows us to use a variety of media in different file formats . It can be used for a live or online presentation. We can use prezi to create and present ideas  and we can use ideas, images and videos to tell whatever we want.

In our lessons we can use prezi to create colorful, enjoyable and informative learning slides. It is very beneficial our teachings.